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See how a year looks at MIMMO

Structured to Nurture Relationships

Mimmo Year 2022-2023

Our classes are be booked as a 'term' to nurture and develop relationships and build a sense of familiarity. Our calendar year is made up of 5 terms, supplemented with Summer, Spring and Winter camps; so there is always something going on!


Sep 6th - Oct 21st
Oct 24th - Dec 16th
Feb 21st - April 6th
Apr 11th - 14th
Dec- 27th - 29th
Apr 17th - Jun 9th
Jan 3rd - Feb 17
Coming Soon!

Terms are between 6 - 8 weeks long. For convenience, we include a booking option to group two to three terms together, in one single transaction. For example you can book 'Early-Fall' and 'Late-Fall' classes at once when you select 'Full-Fall' term.

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