Suzuki Music

Early Childhood Class

0 - 4 years

Perfect for ages...

Tuesdays at 11:30am - 12:30pm

*Due to class time, feel free to bring a snack/meal and head into the wonder bar afterwards.

Child + Caregiver participation     

Avon Studio

This class is an interactive opportunity to sing, play instruments, learn rhythm and the basics of music in a calm, joyful environment. SECE is based on the premise that every child’s potential is unlimited and that music can be learned in the same way language is acquired. Classes seek to build on a child’s natural delight in learning through purposeful repetition, careful attention to skill building, and fun. It allows for individual focus on weekly progress which is visible even in the very youngest of children. The repetitive repertoire is not only highly enjoyable for little ones but also gives them the opportunity to thoroughly master skills over time. Children in SECE develop an intrinsic sense of rhythm, pulse, tempo, and pitch and also develop leadership and social skills as a result of the mixed age group.

Booking options for Suzuki Music Early Childhood classes:

Early-Fall Term (Tuesdays from September 6th - October 18th)


Full-Fall Term (Tuesdays from September 6th - December 13th)

* No class Tuesday November 22nd - reflected in price


Late-Fall Term (Tuesdays from October 25th - December 13th)

* No class Tuesday November 22nd - reflected in price


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