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Class FAQs

Our classes are innovatively designed for early childhood development by age group, covering ages 4 months to 6 years. Our play leaders create inviting experiences and play-scapes, to appropriately challenge your little one through play and exploration. We build on physical, social and cognitive skills that support a lifetime of learning. It truly is where a beautiful journey begins. 

What is a term?

Our terms run seasonally beginning in September with Early-Fall, then Late-Fall (break for Winter Camps), Early-Spring, Mid-Spring, (Spring Camp), Late Spring, (break for Summer Camps). Each term consists of 6-8 weeks. The number depends on the calendar year and public holidays. Most of our classes are once a week. Project Discovery and Wonder + Discovery are offered twice a week.

Can I book classes individually?

We are currently offering one-off classes throughout Summer for Sensory Studio (see Summer Camps and workshops). You can also drop in and try our Wonder Bar without booking! For the rest of our classes, we don’t offer a one-off basis: We like to run classes as a term so that we can build relationships and a sense of familiarity with our students and their families.

Can I book more than one term?

Yes! You can book multiple terms. Some classes also happen twice a week and you can book both. To do this, you need to do seperate check outs - but it’s a quick process, as your information is saved when you create your profile. You can then add as many classes as you’d like, easily. Check out our memberships if you would like to sign up for the whole year and pay monthly.

Can I book more than one child?

Yes! You can book siblings at the same time when you checkout. Creating a profile with family members allows you to do this easily and fast!

Can I join a term late?

Yes! Provided there is space in the class, you can join at any time and only pay for the remaining classes you will be attending.

Can I cancel a term ?

We have a no-refund policy. In extreme circumstances please call our studio to discuss the need for canceling the remainder of a term. On individual approval, credit can be offered to apply to an alternative program.

If I miss a class, can I make it up another time? 

We do not offer a make-up policy as our class sizes need to remain controlled. However, we do our best to accommodate your child in an alternative class that is developmentally appropriate, whenever possible and if there is availability.

Can I switch classes during a term?

If your child's nap schedule changes, or they move up a developmental stage, we certainly do our best to accommodate and find you a new spot that works in one of our other classes.

How many children per class?

We limit our class size to 12 students. Some classes have 1 instructor, some have 2.

Are classes drop-off?

Some of our classes ask for care giver participation. Our other classes are independent; you (or the caregiver) can ‘run errands’ or chill! We have space separate to our studio to relax if you’d like to stay on the premises.


More questions or need a little help? Ask us anything. If you'd like to see our environment and learn more about our services, you can also schedule a tour.

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